Rack another point up in the ‘converted skeptic’ column…in under 5 minutes, I’ve found Metro Volunteers’ Twitter link–that’s who originally convinced me to try this tool out, signed up for a Twitter account, added some things to my profile, and before I was done searching for ‘people to follow’*–I had two ‘followers’ of my own!

*Okay, what’s that and why would I want it?
Officially, Twitter’s a ‘micro-blogging’ site. In plain English, it’s a way to see messages about what people are up to–at your Twitter page, or via text message on your cell phone. Why in the world would you want to do that?!

I’m opening my mind to the applications–finding people in your city or with your non-profits’ same interest, marketing a ‘drive’ or event or a new social networking tool–you can send a short message with a weblink to your ‘followers’. I’d be interested to know any specific uses you’ve found or can think of.

Followers can be people you invite, or, as in my case above, people you don’t know who share an interest or location. I picked Metro Volunteers & 17 other Twitterers to follow, and we’ll see what happens; follow my work with Hostelling International on Twitter. Oh, and I’m trying it out first by following them online; if it’s not too overwhelming, I have the option to switch to text messages via cellphone.

If you’re into this, there’s also Pownce.


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