Twitter Revisited for Nonprofits

I’ve been Twittering for almost a month now, and I’ve even set up a second account for a different organization!

Why? ‘Cause it’s intriguing. Why is it so popular? Today’s time is tracked in milliseconds, and Twitter conveys messages instantly. People don’t have time for anything–so this is a way for you to get out your (marketing) message instantaneously and also to absorb a lot (or as much as you like) quickly.

I’m still pondering all the applications (or what the applications might be), and if you’re curious too, here’s some other newbies and advocates who’ve written about ‘Twitter for Beginners’
Duct Tape Marketing
Beth Kanter
the best beginner guide, according to Beth, and
a blog where I downloaded a handbook.

I’ve learned it’s about ‘getting on the bus’ and seeing where it’s going. Maybe we’re reluctant adopters, but let’s not be late to the party! Twitter is not about pitching your organization constantly, but rather about connecting with people, even if it’s only about what they ate for dinner over the weekend.

Twitter. If I figure out what it’s good for, I’ll be sure to update you here!



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2 responses to “Twitter Revisited for Nonprofits

  1. I’m will be helping a local soccer club (non-profit) and part of our plan is using social media to keep interest with the school aged members. It should be an interesting time.

    Your post reminds me a bit of post I had a while back when I was trying to come up with business twitter ideas:

  2. heidical

    I like your ideas about asking a group to focus their posts around a project–a set period of time, a shared end goal (no soccer pun intended!), and also about engaging school-age folks–they have a lot to teach us, and they can do some of this stuff in their sleep!

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