Think Millenials Are Wasting Time Online, eh?

Think of it this way–they’re learning tech literacy, conflict resolution, 21st century communication skills.

Your staff aren’t wasting time online, they’re exposing their friends, and their friends’ friends, to your brand.
Millienials’ work brains operate differently, too. They don’t segment their work or online time from their own time. They’re getting their bills, emails, schedules, diaries, letters, invitations and more ONLINE, so a ‘home computer’ is a necessity for them. Just as mixing in their personal lives happens online at work.

I’m thinking it’s a good thing, if
– nonprofit workers invite their friends to events via Facebook
– they’re blogging about the latest societal issue and linking back to your organization as a solution
– work email and calls get thrown into the after 5PM mix

Want to set some boundaries? That seems fine, but make sure and understand what forces are at work–maybe Millenials have some suggestions about what those should be!



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2 responses to “Think Millenials Are Wasting Time Online, eh?

  1. I have not had a discussion in a while in which the term ‘wasting time’ was used. What I tend to hear from small & medium sized company owners is that employees that spend a lot of time on-line (unmonitored, unfiltered) at work also tend to be employees which procrastinate or have substandard performances.

    I wish them all the best, but I hope the Millennial crowd learn to bridge the gap between private and corporate life and avoid the Social Media-ADD that I see going on these days.

    Good Hunting,

  2. heidical

    Hey Tim, good to see your site. Thanks for dropping by.

    So, you don’t think that social media ADD is the new way of life? I hate to see it, too, but I know that communications are happening more and more in snippets–I mean, Twitter is the ultimate in fast info!

    Interesting point from company owners–they might be interested in the linked article, too.

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