Sharing Large Files

Ha! Here’s a good use of the web in this internet age–sharing large files with your remote colleagues. Online. For free.

655505891_2b2be427001 Credit:
YouSendIt has a free version allowing you to share files with up to 100 people over one week with a maximum size of 100MB.
GigaSize also has a free version that holds larger files for longer, and their pay version is cheaper, $4-10 monthly.
DropSend holds your files indefinitely and has a range of capacities & pricing, starting with free.
And GoogleDocs is a way to create, share and collaborate on word processing & spreadsheet documents with a set of folks who have a log-in. You can upload entire folders as well as presentations, too.

Last but not least,
SlideShare is awesome! If you’re willing to post your content online (you can have control over downloads or who can view), SlideShare is fast with lots of capacity. It’s a great way to share graphic-heavy PowerPoints. And it’s free with no expiration date for your files.

And of course it’s a social networking site where you can create a network to share info with and find other presentations on travel, social media, whatever interests you!

This all started for me with the need to compress and send some large files–2-6MB each. I usually use WinZip, but found that it doesn’t compress files with lots of graphics or photos very effectively. And since I was not only barred from sending attachments greater than 10MB, but also worried about recipients’ ability to receive, I went looking for other solutions. If you haven’t used the utility WinZip, and need to compress documents in order to send them, it’s a small piece of software that walks you through zipping files use with a few easy-to-understand screens. It’s ‘shareware’ so you can download a trial before buying.

My other favorite ‘web sharing’ tool is SnagIt. Although it’s not a compression or sharing utility, per se, it allows you to capture screen shots of the web and save as files or insert to presentations. If you’ve ever wondered how to do that, this is your $40 solution to sharing info on navigating web sites–also easy to use!


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