Evidently Even I Can Podcast!

Podcasts are really just a way, like TV, of diplaying audio and video content. And iTunes is the TVGuide of podcasts.

Podcasting for Nonprofits 101 is one of the workshops covered at NTEN’s National Technology Conference 2009–blowing all economic predictions out of the water with a record and 300+ over expectiations 1500 attendees. Hot, hot, hot!!
podcast photo by the mrbrown show
Flickr photo from Mr Brown

So you want to do a podcast?
Make a plan! Consider:
Where will people be tuning in? Driving audience–more conduicive to audio. Urban subway–great format for video.
What concise content will you cover? Remember that the adult attention span is short–think 3 minutes!
So plan ‘mini-topics’; if you have sponsors, be sure to call them out in the beginning.

Let’s get started!
a href=”http://www.wearemedia.org/ntc+podcasting”>We Are Media Podcasting wiki describes (and links to!) the tools and software that can have you podcasting (or at least practicing) in 90 minutes!

Audacity is the main sofatware you’ll need to download. If you have a mike, then you’re ready to begin. This follows along my earlier ‘intro’ post, but that was before I had the power of the tools in my hands!
So, this is what you need to record. But there’s more–add video, edit, and post and share your podcasts–more to come, but this is a place to get started!

As far as function, I am thinking of non-serial podcasts as a way to train volunteers, kick off a focus group or project, and to provide an organizational overview.
Are there other tools or uses you’d recommend?

P.S. If you’re hungry for more, or more details, Deb at Community Organizer 2.0 covered this same info in much more detail and knowledge!!



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2 responses to “Evidently Even I Can Podcast!

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  2. Just wanted to thank for taking the time to blog your reflections from the WeAreMedia session on podcasting. I put a link to your post in the materials. And, yes you can podcast!


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