A new verb: Wolfram (or Alpha?)

This is a little outside of my usual ‘Web 2.0 for non-profits’ post, but as alerted this morning by the Fischbowl–and I love that a high school teacher is not only on the cutting edge for his students, but also keeps me posted!!,


Wolfram Alpha
Watch this. If you like data, or new innovations, you’ll be amazed.

But it’s not your typical search engine.

Ever wonder how the fish production in Poland compares to New York City’s trash rate? (Okay, probably not, but I know a few walking encyclopedias who rattle off information just such as this.)
Nutrition information.
Demographics. Local weather (without having to jump through silly hoops like specifying your zip code.) Math problems, geography….it’s all at your fingertips with Wolfram Alpha’s computational database search.

I can’t wait to “Wolfram” demographic data for grant requests and annual reports.

Isn’t leveraging this computational power the whole POINT of computers?!
And then that begs the question, why is Stephen Wolfram’s innovation just now occuring??


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