Help! Facebook changed and I can’t find the minutiae!!

Already using Facebook Pages and want to know some ins and outs with the new system?

It doesn’t appear that Facebook supports migrating Group to Pages any more. Here is what is says on their help page:

I’d like to convert my Facebook Group to a Page.

“We’re no longer able to convert Facebook Groups into Pages. You’re welcome to create a Page and notify your Group members that you’ll be using the Page instead of the Group going forward. If your Group has too many members to send them a message, we unfortunately aren’t able to provide you with any other solutions for how you might contact them about this change.”

Know what else? If your Page had Fans before the big changeover in March, they’re likely not getting your updates. Seems, despite the bevy of complaints and comments on this issue, the only fix is to ask long-time Fans to unfriend you and become a new Fan. Gulp.

You can submit a complaint to FB.

We’ve tried testing this theory with Fans old and new and can’t figure out if this still holds true or not, but here’s how Fans can make sure they’re seeing your info (Wall Posts):
– At the bottom of your Wall, in the light blue strip, click on Edit Options on the right. If people or profiles are hidden from your Wall, you’ll have this option.
– Then choose Public Profiles, and add selected groups to News Feed. Click Close to save changes.
– You can always ‘hide’ again by hovering to the right of that post and clicking on the Hide button that appears.

Here’s an analysis of why this is happening, from Post #72:
With the new change to Pages posting status updates, it is a different agreement, both literally and in the code…..I am guessing here, but I think in order to approve the status updates from products, you need to check a box in a new “column” called “Yes I am a fan and will accept news feeds.” Although that column is invisible to the user, it is a literal column of information in a database table.

Facebook is now set up so that you can be a Friend or a Fan, and also separately indicate accept feeds. They do this with the Block–you can be a friend/fan AND completely block the feed; there is no more “see less of” ruler to dictate what you’d like to see, and not. Facebook seems to be playing it safe on spam by making people virtually have to resubscribe to get feeds via this ‘double Opt-In’.

On the other hand
, Facebook apps are supposed to be more transparent…
…maybe when the directory is posted we’ll be able to figure out which applications can be added to non-profit pages, or not, from the get-go.


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