Keepers of the Information

Do we care enough to educate everyone? For those of us who work on issues of poverty and justice, and who have an eye on corporate greed (hmmm…that pool’s gotten bigger of late, eh?), the question raised in juxtaposition with ever-increasing technologies is a good one.

This is the provocative message of Eben Moglen, attorney and open source software advocate for free speech who spoke at this year’s Nonprofit Technology Network Conference.

NTEN has has generously posted their conference keynotes online–open source advocate Eben Moglen (and Clay Shirky).
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Three minutes in, you may still be wondering why watching this is a good idea (unfortnately, no chapters or forwarding available), but I can say from my own personal experience at NTC ’09 that I went from wonder ‘Who is this stodgy professor?’ to ‘Wow.’

As he says, “We do, still, you know, throw away most of the brains…most of the world’s children can’t afford to buy the intelligence…”

It’s awesome of NTEN to share these! In the process of watching these today, I was able to play with video site some more and learn how to embed a video to, so I learned yet a few more tricks, too!


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