Wha???? Claim Your Feeds

Okay, I know that my head is not totally in the clouds, but this is an unresolved issue.

When I started wondering if I could tell if anyone was even following my blog (Bueller? Bueller?), I searched on WordPress help and saw a few posts about email subscriptions and that word ‘Feedburner’ popped up again. Yeah, I’ve seen it, and yeah, I generally get that it has to do with directing traffic in and out of a blog.

So then I looked some more. Come on people–could it be a little less tech-geeky out there?!? After clicking on my sixth link from a web search ‘feedburner what is’, I gave up and decided to write this post.

When reading the statement ‘claim your blog’ makes you think ‘Hmm. I started the blog. Isn’t that claiming it??’ you know there’s some lingo that’s obfuscating the real meaining. When you’re confronted with a suggestion to claim your feeds, and you’re wondering what in the world that even means, there should be an easy answer.

Here’s one for Feeds.
And then from there, it’s a bunch of goobledygook for me.

Here’s hoping you have better luck, and I’ll climb back on this horse another day.


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