Ignite Your Presentations

Heard of Ignite presentations or Pecha Kucha?

This year, Housing Colorado’s conference will feature 90 minutes of rapid-fire presentations to an affordable housing audience. Yours truly helped presenters get a frame of reference for the October event by covering what to expect and the basics of how to put a presentation together in this PowerPoint on a ReadyTalk call.

Presentation HC Ignite 9-09

Here are some additional examples:
From Denver’s Pecha Kucha Night
Fancy video of Jeff Veen presenting Great Designers Steal with basic overview of Ignite
Matt Harding of Seattle explains in Ignite format how he created an internet phenomenon

I touched on some other principles of effective presentations at this post. You may have other tips to share or questions…fire away–after all, the goal is to IGNITE–get it?!, he he.
(For Housing Colorado presenters, drafts are due 9/18 to conference@housingcolorado.org.)



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3 responses to “Ignite Your Presentations

  1. Heidi

    Another home-grown Colorado Ignite from teh 2009 Housing Colorado conference:

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