Making Web 2.0 Work

Web 2.0 tools present a vast array of opportunities—for companies that know how to use them.

Here’s an article that speaks to the corporate manager about how to make these new technologies work. A few of my rephrasings of their critical factors to success:

1. The new bottom-up culture needs support and participation from leadership. Well, actually, the article really advocates that the leadership take an active role in becoming a role model and leading in this effort, but my experience tells me that busy non-profit executives who aren’t already bought into Web 2.0 technologies aren’t going to be leading adopters.

2. Web 2.0 needs to be integrated into existing work, not another ‘to-do’. That’s true of so many issues, for example–diversity. Instsead of making new ideas into new projects, examine ways that the concepts can be woven into existing operations.

3. Social media brings the masses to you, so the sooner leadership gest over the fear of the risk and embraces it as a new challenge, the sooner the bridge is opened to invite two-way communication with a wider audience.

Skype is a great example of a beginning tool. Once you can convince someone to sign up for an account, and download and test software, a Skype call speaks loudly as a Web 2.0 ambassador through its ease of use.

That first step is the hardest, but the only way to make Web 2.0 work is by trying.

The lovely folks over at the Corporation for National and Community Service and their helper Northwest Regional Education Labs presents an overview of social media articles and a glossary, intended to reach an audience of AmeriCorps, VISTA and SeniorCorps members beginning to dabble in Web 2.0.


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