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25 Things List on Communications

I just wanted to say that I love this list from Teaming for Technology Colorado.

Summarizing learnings from this year’s NTC, it’s a great list of using tools to increase organizational productivity.

I’ve shared it, printed it, posted it, mailed it, copied it, read it, linked to it, and used it.
And now it’s here for safekeeping, so when I want a refresher or have a moment to ponder some of the tips more deeply (yes, I know I can use GoogleForms, but where could I use this in my work right now?), I’ll know where to find it!


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Sharing the Wealth

I’m taking time these days to grow a baby non-profit, so it hasn’t left me a ton of time to post here. But, a glass of wine and friends do great things for motivation, so here’s a shout out to some of them who make the world go ’round.

Debra – spot-on non-profit tech blogger and virtual friend
Brooke – took a gamble on her upcoming social media project for ALF and presented to tonight’s mass tech project for some help
Katie – who keeps the staff at Groundwork Denver going

I’m proud of you!

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The Gift of Creativity

I ran across this online presentation today in my web wanderings, and thought of you.

I hope it gives you information and rejuvenation to start the new year fulfilled!

Creator Seth Godin is a blogger that I follow and respect, and not only has he invited wonderful content, he is using his internet marketing savvy to give the gift of awareness to lots of his colleagues. I can only hope to replicate this cleverness someday.

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Tips for Today

There are so many great sources of info out there—I have my RSS feed pulled into my iGoogle page, and it’s great for procrastination.

It’s also pretty great for getting snippets of info. Here are just a few from today:

  • 50 Social Media Tips for NPOs from Chad Norman’s ‘Webby Things’
  • Connection Cafe’s notes about non-traditional & year-end giving (including Oxfam’s campaign) this season
  • Current favorite food blogger David Leibovitz has something to say about local foods in France. No one said I was limited to just nonprofit interests!
  • I’ve got some other ‘learning locations’ linked over to the right. How about you? Where do you get your best ‘nonprofits on the web’ (or other!) info–blogs or otherwise?

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    Segmenting Facebook

    Think about new media users as one of three types: Influencers, Advocates & Enthusiasts–do you have a strategy to reach each of these??

    Good heavens, no! We all hardly know about this stuff, let alone have THREE separate strategies to reach a market on JUST ONE TOOL!

    These guys recommend we get a segmented strategy:
    Article from Social Media Today
    Beth’s ‘Who-What-How’

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    Learn the New Web

    In 12 lessons, this is a self-paced course at School Library Journal. Come learn with the librarians about 12 new tech tools. Bookmark the site and take the self-paced learning journey –one per month? one per week? with your staff?

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    Web 2.0 for Volunteer Management

    Here’s an article on Enhancing Your Youth Program With Web 2.0 Tools, which is really a basic overview of 2.0 tools for your non-profit. There’s a bibilography of links to the tools and other info on virtual volunteering.

    This is Susan Ellis’ Energize, Inc. (volunteer management guru) ‘bible’ to virtual volunteering.

    Get informed, get connected: Idealist links articles and ways to learn & connect around volunteer management in general.

    Watch tutorials or attend webinars on using online marketing from ConstantContact

    View my presentation to AmeriCorps Alums on diving into this whole social networking world with an eye towards connecting with potential volunteers.

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