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Tips for Today

There are so many great sources of info out there—I have my RSS feed pulled into my iGoogle page, and it’s great for procrastination.

It’s also pretty great for getting snippets of info. Here are just a few from today:

  • 50 Social Media Tips for NPOs from Chad Norman’s ‘Webby Things’
  • Connection Cafe’s notes about non-traditional & year-end giving (including Oxfam’s campaign) this season
  • Current favorite food blogger David Leibovitz has something to say about local foods in France. No one said I was limited to just nonprofit interests!
  • I’ve got some other ‘learning locations’ linked over to the right. How about you? Where do you get your best ‘nonprofits on the web’ (or other!) info–blogs or otherwise?


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    Wha???? Claim Your Feeds

    Okay, I know that my head is not totally in the clouds, but this is an unresolved issue.

    When I started wondering if I could tell if anyone was even following my blog (Bueller? Bueller?), I searched on WordPress help and saw a few posts about email subscriptions and that word ‘Feedburner’ popped up again. Yeah, I’ve seen it, and yeah, I generally get that it has to do with directing traffic in and out of a blog.

    So then I looked some more. Come on people–could it be a little less tech-geeky out there?!? After clicking on my sixth link from a web search ‘feedburner what is’, I gave up and decided to write this post.

    When reading the statement ‘claim your blog’ makes you think ‘Hmm. I started the blog. Isn’t that claiming it??’ you know there’s some lingo that’s obfuscating the real meaining. When you’re confronted with a suggestion to claim your feeds, and you’re wondering what in the world that even means, there should be an easy answer.

    Here’s one for Feeds.
    And then from there, it’s a bunch of goobledygook for me.

    Here’s hoping you have better luck, and I’ll climb back on this horse another day.

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    Step 1: Listening

    One thing you can resolve to do in the new year is observe what others are talking about and doing with nonprofit social media. Just knowing what’s going on in the wide world of nonprofit social media makes you want to get on the bandwagon.

    Here’s a list of tools to help you find out what others are saying about your brand, your organization, keywords….

    Try these:
    GoogleAlerts See what others are saying! Set up a GoogleAlert to search for stories and posts that reference you, your organization, or topics you’re interested. For example, you can type in “Colorado Association of School Libraries” colorado+library+diversity, and you’ll receive a list of links that include either the organization name or that include all of the words colorado, library, and diversity. This will send you published news stories or blog posts, so if someone is blogging about the great volunteer experience they had with your organization, you’ll know about it!

    RSS Combine the webpages you visit into one! RSS is a way to aggregate various blogs and webpages so you don’t have to visit them individually. You’ll look at your reader and get a bird’s-eye view of what’s happening at the news sites or topical blogs that you’ve asked it to check on.

    To find blogs to read, search for keywords at Google BlogSearch or see Technorati‘s topic list.

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    New Tool, New Volunteer Management in Teams

    I’m multitasking today, demonstrating ‘live blogging’ while attending Temple University’s Center for Intergenerational Studies’ webinar on Baby Boomer engagement.

    I’ll be back after the webinar with a ‘Cover It Live‘ review…..

    Click here to view Part II on Implementing….

    Click Here to view my notes on Part I of the webinar on Self-Directed Teams

    Read more about teams at http://www.ncoa.org/downloads/wwreport.pdf

    You’re probably dazzled by my skills, right?! That cracks me up! You know why? Today is only my second time using ‘Cover It Live‘ .

    My sole experience with this ‘live blogging’ tool is looking over the should of someone next to me at a conference, visiting the URL on my own wireless connection & laptop, and poking around at the website to sign in. At the next breakout session, there I was, publishing my notes live on a website I had access to. Not without error, but I was learning as I was doing!! Same thing today–I had to look up how to log in and figure out how to embed the code here. But it took less than two minutes to start up again.

    Applications? This is relevant in newsworthy situations–the recent political conventions come to mind, but a conference is a great application–and a great way to experiment with testing the ‘but they didn’t pay to get in’ waters!! It delivers real-time information to people anywhere, and it archives your notes and comments in a readily accessible format. Other ideas for nonprofit applications come to mind?

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