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So Much to Learn!

TechSoup publishes a great list of free online webinars on 2.0 topics.

I often schedule time to attend or listen to webinars over lunchtime, or on a particular day of the week as a break. They’re also great learning tools for interns, and I include relevant webinars as part of a volunteer intern’s training plan.

How do you squeeze in time for online learning? Have any favorite sites or learning strategies to recommend?


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Free Knowledge

Well, yes, free knowledge IS what the Internet brings us, but here are some free online learning opportunities:

  • MIT OpenCourseWare publishes all of their course materials. For free. Special section for high school instruction and subject index available.
  • iTunes U offers If you’re an iTunes user, you’ve probably seen the mortarboard icon that links to free iTunesU content online.
  • although the search feature wasn’t immediately apparent to me–still trying to figure this out as a non-avid iTunes user.

  • WorldLectureProject indexs video of mostly professors’ lectures atworld lecture project; among the other CreativeCommons learning resources is the searchable index of
  • DiscoverEd–showing an example of curriculum and teaching resources tagged with poverty, although I found this site to not be limited to adult learning.
  • GOOD Magazine recently ran a list of sources for free class materials including ccLearn’s index, and WildApricot publishes a monthly list of non-profit webinars.

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    Non-profit Techies Unite

    Do you know about local non-profit tech groups? They’re springing up, and you can find the local meetings of NTEN 501 Tech Clubs via the national organization for technology in non-profits, NTEN.

    Although not an NTEN affiliate, CNTC is a Colorado group of both hardcore techies and non-profit newbies.

    July’s CNTC topic was measuring social media.
    Here are some of the highlights:

  • Trackle is like a search robot–it goes out to the web and searches for bits of text you specify. It’s like an RSS feed that searches more than just specified sites. A great idea for ‘listening’ to what’s being said about your organization.
  • Qwitter tells you who’s stopped following you on Twitter.
  • Steve shared his glossaries, linked to the left for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Here’s the invite to next Tuesday’s Colorado Nonprofit Technology and Communications (CNTC) meetup on “Open Government Data”:

      Much recent work been done in our nation’s capital, around open data and transparency. The city of Washington DC made lots of municipal data available in real time, and the Apps for Democracy program saw some real successes building on that. Similar efforts are underway in other cities across the nation, and at the federal level as well.
      What are some of the promises and pitfalls of this movement? What does it mean for Colorado?
      Tuesday, August 4th, 6-8pm, The Alliance Center (1536 Wynkoop Street, Denver, 80202) Snacks & parking available. RSVP here.

    It’s great to know there’s others out there! Anyone been to a similar meetup or signed up for a group like this?

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    New Year, New Resolve

    Want to learn? Resolve! I have a policy of only making fun resolutions–like adding things to my life instead of focusing resolutions on deprivation.

    Here are a WHOLE bunch of links and ideas about what others in the social media realm are resolving to do with new technology in the new year. How about you????

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    Learn the New Web

    In 12 lessons, this is a self-paced course at School Library Journal. Come learn with the librarians about 12 new tech tools. Bookmark the site and take the self-paced learning journey –one per month? one per week? with your staff?

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