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Telling Your Story: Inching In to Tracking Your Social Media Content

Thanks to TechSoup and NTEN as well as Amy Semple Ward of NetSquared, here are some tips on getting a non-profit started on ‘virality’:

Step 1: Listen Gosh, I’ve actually already got that one covered!

Step 2: Share
I use Zotero to bookmark online info that I’m researching, and Delicious to tag interesting things on the web. Also, I’m trying to use Delicious with a group so we can have a shared list of items related to ‘library diversity training’ that each of us finds. Similar is digg . WOW–there’s a plug-in called ‘Post Delicious’ which will pull your Delicious bookmarks into your blog as a post. So, for Delicious users, an automatic blog post would be generated based on what you’re reading and bookmarking!

Many of these tools can be combined to, say, pull your Flickr photos or your bookmarks into your Facebook page. FriendFeed is another feed page that aggregates all of your sharing tools. This seems like it would be most helpful once you have a large online network also using various tools.

There are a few other free webinars in this Storytelling series coming up through February.


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