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Conference Shakeup

You’ve been to conferences before, and likely even have had a hand or two in putting some together.

What would YOUR conference think about this:
“The format at the #140conf events is unique. Individual talks 10 minutes, keynotes are 15 minutes and panel discussions are no more than 20 minutes. During the course of the two days more than 140 people will share the stage at the 92nd Street Y in about 70 sessions.”

I can only imagine the wide eyes and guffawing! So, see, integrating a little tweeting to a conference is a nice compromise, I’ll be able to say.

See more at the #140conf update site, live from NYC: http://www.ustream.tv/nyc140conf


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Conference? Add some fun…

Click below to see my PowerPoint overview with some ideas & links on integrating social media to conferences….


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Twitter Tools II

Already on Twitter? Here’s some more in-depth tips & tools:

Wow–the rapid insights of TweetStats into your inner tweeter will blow your mind and are downright scary about the power of exposure that exists in this new internet age. Within SECONDS, you’ll see analysis of what time of day you tweet most, what percent of your tweets are direct replies–and to WHOM, and other eye-opening stats. So, if you’re wondering how to meaure the effectiveness of Twitter, TweetStats is a go-to! TweetBurner is an application you can install that counts links to the websites you tweet out. (Like how you just plug in the word ‘tweet’ for anything?!) Might be useful for stats.

Another quickie is TweetScan, where you can plug in your organization name or keywords and see who’s tweeting about these topics.

Here is a step-by-step (and simple) way at NTEN to have Twitterers share snippets of info at and during events or conferences, by including a tag, which aggregates all the comments together. NTEN “Twitter Me This” Webinar will help you explain–and educate–about what Twitter is!

If you’re a blogger using WordPress, Alex King wrote some tools to share posts between your blog and Twitter. Maybe I’ll show you here soon!

FriendFeed isn’t a Twitter tool–it’s an everything tool. So if you’re getting confused about all these social media sites you’re beginning to work with, check out FriendFeed as a way to share what you’re doing all ALL the various platforms. I don’t feel like I’ve advanced to this level yet, but feel like it’s one of those helps that, if you finally make the leap, it simplifies things.

101: What to Tweet About has great tips about mixing personal, conversational and corporate posts (only 1 out of every 20) and ‘developing relationships with your followers.’ Sound weird? After you try it, you’ll understand.

Here are some management tools to help you get a handle on your Twitter stream. Once you start using Twitter online, you’ll want a more convenient plug-in. I first went with:
BeTwitteredl, which is a plug-in you can add if you iGoogle.

Here are some applications you can download:
Twhirl (you can add multiple twitter accounts, and the feed pops up like IM from your toolbar)
I’m using Twhirl for my @HSNetwork tweets. I like how everything scrolls together in one pop-up, with different background colors for messages sent directly to me and replies I send. There’s a ready-to-go screen where you can type your ‘status’ to send to your Twitter stream.

TweetDeck (downloads everything you need in one fell swoop)
I’m using TweetDeck for my @VirtualHostel account. It separates your messages into 3 columns and thus is a larger window, but shows at a glance when anyone is contacting you directly. This organization would be great for anyone following a large number of people. It has some easy-to-use function buttons to write messages or get an overview of the news on Twititer.


Need more info?! There’s a complete (well, is anything ever complete anymore?!) list of all kinds of Twitter tools at this wiki.

There’s a ton of seemingly ‘full-time’ Twitterers already; I hope they’ll forgive my simple language and overview, and even add to our learning here.


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More Virtual Reality

Really pondering how it is that real people make real money in virtual reality is mind-boggling. New to you? Trust me, it’s happening.

It’s started in Twitter, too, only it’s not Linden dollars as in SecondLife, it’s real money sent virtually. There’s no way to transfer the funds. Yet. It’s all based on your word. So if you TwitPay someone, you owe them money. You promised.

Think about it. It hurts my brain.

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Twitter Revisited for Nonprofits

I’ve been Twittering for almost a month now, and I’ve even set up a second account for a different organization!

Why? ‘Cause it’s intriguing. Why is it so popular? Today’s time is tracked in milliseconds, and Twitter conveys messages instantly. People don’t have time for anything–so this is a way for you to get out your (marketing) message instantaneously and also to absorb a lot (or as much as you like) quickly.

I’m still pondering all the applications (or what the applications might be), and if you’re curious too, here’s some other newbies and advocates who’ve written about ‘Twitter for Beginners’
Duct Tape Marketing
Beth Kanter
the best beginner guide, according to Beth, and
a blog where I downloaded a handbook.

I’ve learned it’s about ‘getting on the bus’ and seeing where it’s going. Maybe we’re reluctant adopters, but let’s not be late to the party! Twitter is not about pitching your organization constantly, but rather about connecting with people, even if it’s only about what they ate for dinner over the weekend.

Twitter. If I figure out what it’s good for, I’ll be sure to update you here!


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Rack another point up in the ‘converted skeptic’ column…in under 5 minutes, I’ve found Metro Volunteers’ Twitter link–that’s who originally convinced me to try this tool out, signed up for a Twitter account, added some things to my profile, and before I was done searching for ‘people to follow’*–I had two ‘followers’ of my own!

*Okay, what’s that and why would I want it?
Officially, Twitter’s a ‘micro-blogging’ site. In plain English, it’s a way to see messages about what people are up to–at your Twitter page, or via text message on your cell phone. Why in the world would you want to do that?!

I’m opening my mind to the applications–finding people in your city or with your non-profits’ same interest, marketing a ‘drive’ or event or a new social networking tool–you can send a short message with a weblink to your ‘followers’. I’d be interested to know any specific uses you’ve found or can think of.

Followers can be people you invite, or, as in my case above, people you don’t know who share an interest or location. I picked Metro Volunteers & 17 other Twitterers to follow, and we’ll see what happens; follow my work with Hostelling International on Twitter. Oh, and I’m trying it out first by following them online; if it’s not too overwhelming, I have the option to switch to text messages via cellphone.

If you’re into this, there’s also Pownce.

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