Mobile Payments

New startup called Square–you may have seen these iPhone (also works on other phones) plug-ins at food trucks–becomes an option for off-site payments via card. At 2.75% fee, this seems like a competitive option for non-profit events.


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Revving Up with LinkedIn

Non-profits can have both profiles and groups on LinkedIn. In order to learn more about leveraging both for more conversations and connections, I started exploring more about what other NPO gurus had to say.

Here’s my reading list:
NTEN’s way-old intro overview
via DIOSA, an overview of what NPOs can do with LinkedIn
Everything our favorite NPO techie, Beth, has to say about LinkedIn
A Chronicle podcast on best practices as of 12/2010
The best page for getting a non-profit started with LinkedIn comes from WildApricot’s blog–plus they have other LinkedIn posts, too.
LinkedIn’s own non-profit guide page

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Petition Sites

In an effort to get the word out that Colorado is holding somewhere around $76 million in reserves (of TANF, or ‘welfare’, federal funding) (for what?!, a rainy day?? Isn’t that now?!), a group of folks wanted to put out an online petition.

I thought I’d do a little self-education and come up with some recommendations and next steps. Here’s what I’ve learned:
– Online petitions are best at public awareness-raising or gathering contact info of supporters.
– Very few petitions are effective–most never even leave the website and thus don’t reach any intended target.
– Petitions can be directly delivered to the target’s email box, but how effective is the same form letter delivered en masse to an inbox?! That seems more annoying

Here are some free sites to post petitions:
Care2’s Petition Site

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Ignite Again

Today’s repeat of a ‘how to do an Ignite’ presentation’ was originally conducted last year. Check out the links in this post and ask questions here.

Some new links, too:
How to Ignite from O’Reilly Media
See Chipotle’s non-commercial given right here at DU.

This year’s presentations are due September 24 (drafts on July 30).

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25 Things List on Communications

I just wanted to say that I love this list from Teaming for Technology Colorado.

Summarizing learnings from this year’s NTC, it’s a great list of using tools to increase organizational productivity.

I’ve shared it, printed it, posted it, mailed it, copied it, read it, linked to it, and used it.
And now it’s here for safekeeping, so when I want a refresher or have a moment to ponder some of the tips more deeply (yes, I know I can use GoogleForms, but where could I use this in my work right now?), I’ll know where to find it!

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Conference Shakeup

You’ve been to conferences before, and likely even have had a hand or two in putting some together.

What would YOUR conference think about this:
“The format at the #140conf events is unique. Individual talks 10 minutes, keynotes are 15 minutes and panel discussions are no more than 20 minutes. During the course of the two days more than 140 people will share the stage at the 92nd Street Y in about 70 sessions.”

I can only imagine the wide eyes and guffawing! So, see, integrating a little tweeting to a conference is a nice compromise, I’ll be able to say.

See more at the #140conf update site, live from NYC:

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Love Your Librarian!

I do–they teach me about things like

Did you know you can call from your cell phone and leave an MP3 file for someone?!

For those without readily available internet or computer access, but with ubiquitous cell phone access, this can be away to interact online with peers and colleagues. I imagine there are other uses, but a school librarian who shared this with me is having her students call in their original poetry for National Poetry Week.

And this may yet add to my VOIP iTouch cell phone toolbox!

While built for larger collaboration ideas, is one of those ‘no way!’ amazing internet tools. Wonder how else we can use it??

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